Bigg Boss 11 Online Voting, LIVE Feed & How to Vote for Contestants

Bigg Boss is a popular reality show in India and there are million of fans who are eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss 11. Bigg Boss 11 would be broadcast on Colors TV which is again a very popular entertainment channel in India. From last few seasons, Bigg Boss is hosted by a superstar of Bollywood that is Salman Khan. Bigg Boss 11 would also be hosted by Salman Khan and he is also a big reason for the success of the Bigg Boss show.

This year, bigg boss 11 will be broadcast in the month of September. Due to busy schedule of Salman Khan, colors tv team decided to broadcast Bigg Boss earlier than before. Last season, Bigg Boss 10 was a super hit show because along with celebrities, there were common people in the house which made the show super hit. This year also, Bigg Boss is auditioning Common people and if you want to take part in the Bigg Boss 11, you can see Bigg Boss 11 Audition process.

Bigg Boss 11 Online Voting

Bigg Boss is all about the game where some people (celebrities + common people) live together in a luxurious house for certain period of time. During this period, Bigg Boss assigns tasks to housemates and they have to take part in the tasks in order to survive in the house. You also earn luxury budget that helps you in buying food items of your choice.

Those who failed to complete a task have to face nomination. Then nominated contestant have to face elimination. The contestant who gets lowest public votes has to leave the house. The contestant who remain in the house till end won the title of Bigg Boss. 

In all that, Public Votes plays an important role in Bigg Boss game. Eliminations are based on the votes of public. You can save your favorite contestant of Bigg Boss 11 through voting. There are different ways to vote for bigg boss contestants.

You can vote through Voot App, Colors TV app & Website & through SMS.

How to Vote for Bigg Boss Contestant

Online voting is easy, fast and free. You just need to go to the website or app and under the Voting section, find your favorite contestant in the bigg boss house and just click on vote. Your vote will get registered. Moreover, using app and website is fast as you just need to click on your favorite bigg boss 11 contestant.

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If you are using SMS for voting, you must taken care of your contestant code. There is a special code for every bigg boss contestant and you need to enter the code if you want to vote. For example, if you want to vote for Manveer then you have to send SMS using Manveer's code.

You need to enter <MAN> and send it to 56882. Like this, you have to enter the code of your favorite contestant of bigg boss.

You can choose any method to vote for your favorite Bigg Boss 11 Contestant. Your votes can save your favorite bigg boss contestant from getting eliminated from the bigg boss house.
As show is yet to start and there is no online or offline voting. Once show gets start, you will get all the information regarding Bigg Boss 11 voting on this website. 

Bigg Boss 11 LIVE Feed

Bigg Boss 11 is a reality show where contestants have to live in a Bigg Boss house on the Bigg Boss's rules and regulations. Moreover, there are over 60+ cameras in the house capturing the contestant moves 24x7. No one can save themselves from the eye of the Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss broadcast on Colors channel for 1 Hour. You can know more about Bigg Boss 11 Timings and starting date

In 1 hour, you get the edited footage of Bigg Boss house but there is lot more fun that goes on 24x7. The people in the bigg boss 11 house would stay in the house all day & you can see them working in kitchen, bedroom, garden area and what not. If you are lucky, you may got to see LIVE fights in the bigg boss house that later on edited and broadcast on tv. 

Do you know, you can watch them on your smartphone? Yes, if you want to see LIVE in the bigg boss 11 house, you can watch it on your smartphone. Colors TV provides LIVE feed of Bigg Boss 11 house so that world can see inside the house 24x7. 

How to Watch Bigg Boss 11 LIVE Feed?

There are many ways to watch Bigg Boss 11 LIVE feed on your smartphone. To watch the live feeds of Bigg Boss 11, you can download apps like Voot, Colors TV app, Bigg Boss official app and Jio TV app.

Yes, you can watch LIVE feed of Bigg Boss 11 through Jio TV. Bigg Boss is not LIVE right now but once the show get started, you will be able to watch Bigg Boss 11 LIVE Feed right on your Smartphone. In the LIVE feed, you can watch all the crazy stuff that you may not available on tv. It is really fun to see the LIVE feed of Bigg Boss 11 as it shows uncut and raw video footage of the bigg boss house. Moreover, you can see the house from a different angle. In the LIVE feed, it is clearly visible that Bigg Boss is a reality show and there is no manipulation of any external party.

If you are a Bigg Boss fan, you must try watching LIVE feed of Bigg Boss 11. Stay tuned with us to know more about the Bigg Boss 11 News.

So, that is all about the Bigg Boss 11 Voting and Bigg Boss 11 LIVE feed. The Bigg Boss 11 will start in the month of September-October and after that, you will get everything about Bigg Boss 11 news on this website. 

Stay Tuned for more updates about Bigg Boss 11.




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