Priyank Sharma & Dhinchak Pooja Coming to Bigg Boss 11 House

Bigg Boss 11 is already a super hit show on the Indian Television. With Salman Khan as a host, Bigg Boss 11 is getting even more interesting. The Bigg Boss 11 Contestant are also making the show pretty interesting for the audience. If you are not able to watch Bigg Boss 11 because of late night timings, here is the schedule for Repeat Telecast of Bigg Boss 11.

No doubt, everyone is liking the Aarshi Khan and Hina Khan fights apart from that, characters like Aakash Dadlani is making the some of the funny scenes. Moreover, Punish Sharma's and Bandagi's love story is giving an extra punch and flavor to the Bigg Boss 11.

Priyank Sharma entered the Bigg Boss 11 house with an amazing stage performance. No doubt he was a good and entertaining contestant in the Bigg Boss 11 house and he has a great female fan following. But unfortunately, Priyank did a mistake which violates the most important rule of Bigg Boss 11 house. Every bigg boss fan and Bigg Boss 11 contestant knows that there is no space for violence in the Bigg Boss house. No one can survive in the house with a violent personality.

Priyank gets involved in between the fight of Aakash and Vikas and he literally pushed Aakash which had the strong impact on Aakash. Next Saturday, Salman Khan came for Weekend ka War and asked Priyank to leave the house for the unbearable act by him. Salman said, Priyank deliberately and stupidly involved in the fight of Aakash & Vikas and did a stupid move to push Aakash. As a result, Priyank left the house in the very first week of Bigg Boss 11.

But now, there is a good news for Priyank Sharma's Fans.

Priyank Sharma & Dhinchak Pooja are Coming in Bigg Boss 11 As Wildcard Entry

So, Priyank Sharma is coming back in the Bigg Boss 11 house and we all are excited to see his reaction and game strategy as he already watched the Bigg Boss 11 from the outside world and now he must come back with some solid game plan of winning the Bigg Boss 11.

Dhinchak Pooja in Bigg Boss 11

Along with Priyank, the Selfie queen and Youtube Sensation Pooja Jain aka Dhinchak Pooja is also joining the Bigg Boss 11 squad. Yes, Dhinchak Pooja is coming in the Bigg Boss 11 house as a wildcard entry. Pooja Jain is famous for the really lame but ridiculously entertaining song called Selfie Maine Leli Aaj.

No doubt, whole India is waiting to see Pooja Jain aka Dhinchak Pooja's life outside the Youtube. If you don't know Pooja Jain aka Dhinchak Pooja, you better go to Youtube and search for Selfie Maine Leli Aaj song. 

That Song has whopping 26 Million Views on Youtube and Dhinchak Pooja Channel has more 250K Subscribers on Youtube. She is indeed a Youtube sensation in India.

Let's wait for the next Weekend Ka War as Salman Khan going to add 2 new contestants in the Bigg Boss 11 house. If you don't know the Bigg Boss 11 Contestants, you can see the list of Bigg Boss 11 Contestant with Photos.

Stay Tuned with Bigg Boss 11 news for more about Bigg Boss 11 



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